Sunday, January 20, 2013

POST, living will, regular will, advanced directives and other things

So, this Saturday when I was mainly excited about the hockey in the evening I started out at church being one of the support people for the "Workshop about hospice and advanced directives". I think I've mentioned before one of my things is that I voulounteer for the place where we contact people in hospice and sickness or other life-changing event and that it has given me so much during these years I've done it.

And after today I reliase yet again that maybe I'm odd in this context?!

The main reason I'm in the place I am right now, team leader and organizing of the grief/hospice team every so often, is because I've been through it with my history.... and if you are like over 50, or 60, that wouldn't be too odd, but I'm still mid30ies and therefore many do take a double turn and wonder why.

Ah well, what I wanted to say this late hour is the things gotten from all the comment this day and the comments from Zuska's post about long term-care insurance; if you live the USA and you are working, regardless of age - look into the retirement benefits, the long term care plans/insurance, the long term care, the advanced directives (not to do with money but what you want with CPR and revival).

And the big imperative, the big thing; it's not for only the old people, it's for us who aren't. Why?

Mainly because we haven't thought about it (as a group age anyway, many people in their 30 and 40ies haven't). And it's still a sad reality that something might happen that affects you and your relationship and your children, but it gets wrong. You need at least a will* but an advance directive wouldn't hurt.

All I want to say at this latelate hour, would be please look over your "advance directive^" and you will, even if you don't have any legal dependents (like me... non married in a state that decides if you don't have a will, not married, no children, technically they can do what hey want with your money... I thought it went to my parents... apparently not... since I'm not a citizen. Anyway, just need to keep your balances in order.)

I would just like for you to begin the conversation. What do you want to happen with you?! Who knows about that? Is there anyway who actually has power that can change thing when they know what you want? All those things.....  Yeah, important stuff to think about before it is needed.

*I made my first will when I was in the middle of my divorce and was travelling across the globe and thought it was a better deal for my close friends and family to get my money/inheritance than my estrange husband. It was an odd deal to start with, no one starts that

^it will depend on which state you're in the USA. But most states (41) are accepting it.. and a good way to start the process.... you can go to

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Looking back at 2012 posts

Recap of the old year before moving into the new year and writing more posts. Incidentally (?) the first post of last year was the similar recap. I'm putting the title and the first sentence of the post for each month. This year has been less posting (as seen in December only one post) and when I read my first sentences I see more politics/feminism and less science per se. Maybe due to the fact that I'm in an less public research environment now than when I was a post doc?

Top four posts of the year
1) IWD Post this March 8th 2012
2) The Leafs are green and on their way up (hm how about that hockey)
3) I'm missing words, like 'småpåve'
4) I've slept with more people than K

Jan: The old year is over - Happy New Year!
A little late, as one could think it would be with a fairly busy time between Jul (Christmas) and visiting friends and family... 

Feb:  the most dangerous thing according to what I hear... 
... Is have grown women being able to have sex and at the same time protect themselves from STDs as well as becoming pregnant.

March:  the only rule that matters in my book... ^^ 
Simple: If you take the last* of something, let someone know**

Aprilfuneral and some random thoughts
Well, today was funeral day. As in, I had to leave work to go to a funeral for a friend. 

MayPlanned Parenthood = terroristorganisation.... in Texas... according to Judge and others...
You know, there are things that make me really really angry.  

June: Bradbury is dead, long live the books
I had some ideas about posting a little more regulary but then I got side tracked... and then today I read in the paper that Ray Bradbury is dead.

JulyIf only the assay had this correlation…
Maybe one of these things I end up with, my fascination with histograms, data and conclusion to draw from it.

AugPlanning fail...or "All days are the same, right?"
First premise: bacteria grow on the weekend (all days are considered the same from the bacteria's point of view)

SepI'm missing words, like 'småpåve' ...
Sometimes this "second language" business is more frustrating than others, sometimes I just miss my own language with the nooks and crannies of distinctions and nuances that I don't have in the English language. 

Octbingo for Presidental debate (USA)
I did my own Bingo brick for the debate tomorrow.

Nov: changing your (long academic) CV into a snazzy resume (intended for Industry)
I had to look over my Resume yet again lately (OK, rewrite a whole new one is more like it) and realised (yet again) that it is SO hard for me to cut out all these smaller pieces of information in order to fit the resume on one (or maximum of two) pages.

DecHoliday feelings
(note: it's starting out pretty bleak but turning into more of a good feeling thing in the end, promise.) 
It's this time of year when you summarize your year and then look ahead and make promises and thoughts and wishes for the future.

2010 is here