Sunday, May 16, 2021

Playoffs and re-entry into the world

It's been one of the things I've really liked after New Years 2020 and we got 2021. While it was still a ranging pandemic, while I was still stressed out about my family and friends on the other side of the planet (and close by me here in the USA) not having access to the vaccine, it was a fantastic thing to get some sports to divert attention. I am of course talking about NHL and hockey.

I can easily say that some of the better moments in my life have been inspired by/due to/influenced by hockey like going to a game, talking to new acquaintances and mentioning hockey or hanging out in the bloggosphere and get a sense of community with other hockey nerds (being from Sweden in this case and reading and commenting on this blogg). 

Anyway, the story for this blog post is two-fold. First "vacation weekend from the house since covid last year in March" (with partner and not visiting parents) was a weekend to Nashville to watch hockey - and that the Predators clinching a playoff spot. SO NICE to see live hockey! And to interact with people around us and talk geeky/nerdy talk on who would win and hopes and dreams. I can't wait to do it again!

Secondly, now it's PLAYOFFS. I decided to go through my shirt collection and finding the ones for the teams in the playoffs and also noting how many shirts I really have.... jerseys I only have Kessel 81 Leafs. There will be another one this year, question is Nylander 88 or someone else (Matthews maybe, Sandin in the wings). Shirts have come my way, mainly because of bets. As in "play offs - I bet you this team will win in the play off round, if not I'll buy a shirt and wear it for a day". Needless to say I don't place these bets with Bruins players. (I was surprised I didn't get a Kessel Pens shirt after he won the Cup but apparently not.)

So here is the photo of "my shirts from each team - with exception of saying I have a lot more leafs shirts and jersey but thought that was obvious so I focused on the other teams and also having more than one Canucks shirt.... ".

The second from the left top row is my tshirt from when I lived in Vancouver in 2000. I wear it seldom since it's old school and the logo will fall off soon due to age. The Habs tank top had a friend in a tank top from Preds (a little more low cut) but neither has a name on it. And the Red Wings shirt is the one from a challenge when I moved to the USA and my lab mate was annoyed I didn't have an american NHL team since "you live in America now". I picked Red Wings then since it had 13 swedes on the roster. Vegas Knights is not technically a bet since I bought it before the first game had been played when I visited the "armory" in Vegas in August.

And here is the photo of the shirts for the names - it's all about the names  :) Couldn't resist Jagr in Florida for $3 when I knew Panthers were going into the play offs this year. The Subban 76 and Forsberg to the right are both Nashville. The 33 and 22 Sedins are Canucks. And 81 Kessel represents the Leafs plethora of shirts. In hindsight I should've added my Sundin13 since that is my most precious shirt (was too lazy?).

While it will be amazing to get Playoffs again this year (last year was so weird and not only because I was in quarantine), I'm dreaming about game and successes. It's also a great reminder that I get super nervous in the first round (since my lovely team the Leafs have a tendency to not get out of first round.... 2004 was the last time... and let's not talk about actually winning the cup (1967)).

With that all said - SO HAPPY ABOUT SILLY THINGS LIKE SPORTS! Have a great Playoffs everyone.

I'm hoping Leafs will get out of first round against Habs! And I'll wear my Predators, Wild and Florida shirts in the first round too!

(A photo of me in Nashville watching the clinching game wearing the Subban shirt.... :) )