Sunday, April 22, 2007

Canucks or Stars

Well, of course my teams have to play like they never have played before (as in never played hockey before). Predators are out. I am not too surprised, or sad, for that matter since I still think Forsberg has the disadvantage of being considered the best Swedish player although I would really like to have the consitency factor calulated in that equation. I mean, Sundin has almost never been injured and that makes him a stability factor - but sure, The Maple Leaves are not even in the play off (as usual more or less).

So, Canucks managed to do exactly what I was scared of Thursday. They had the Stars at 3-1 in games... and now it is 3-3 and the LAST game is tomorrow. In Vancouver. Which might be good.

Since I am not in Vancouver and since I have the peasant cable I will have to think about what to do tomorrow. Especially since I have kick boxing and might be downtown a bit late in time for the game. Ah well, I might be satisfied with looking at the live feed on I mean, if the loose (knock on wood and all that) I don't think I want to see it. Too depressing.

I really need to get a life different from hockey. Time to dinner now.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

play offs again

I really feel that this is not going well for the Predators. They get beaten by Sharks, I'll bet you on that!

Canucks on the other hand, as long as they don't repeat the worst mistake of history of play offs!! (If you know, you know. If you don't well... you don't.)

And since the game starts at 1o EDT i don't stand a chance in the world to watch it. Even if I were to find a bar where I could see it... I'll have to read the tomorrow and find out.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

...the future

“Aren’t you afraid sometimes? Or cry when you are alone? Or feel scared about the future?” I asked a [male] friend as well as post doc the other night. He just looked at me and simply stated, No why should I?

“Well, I just thought that other people cried sometimes. Or felt hesitant about the future?” Maybe I am not looking for the word hesitant as much as tentative, undecided, doubtful, cautious or uncertain but anyway – he still just looked at me as I was a strange species sitting next to him. He never cries when alone at home. Apparently he doesn’t feel anxious about the future either. Am I really that strange in this world? (Yes, this might be the biggest “please make a comment about it” I have written so far!)

I still understand that I might be in a bit of an unusual position at the moment although I have to say I have never been good with the whole “You’ve got the whole world in front of your feet and you can do whatever you like in the future”. Naha, too many choices for me. Too many chances of choosing the wrong thing. That is generally why I decide from the standpoint “I don’t like that and that so that leaves me with less choices…”.

All this back to the mind again yesterday when I an analysed my data with my PI and we looked at it together. Do I really think I will be able to become one of those PIs with independent research grants (weigh in the fact that I have never so far written a grant on my own) or, and this might be _the_ question, do I really want to become one?

Yes, the world is my oyster indeed. I can not comprehend I am arguing such a wonderful opportunity of making my own happiness. Or whatever, it is time for lunch and analysing some more. Need to present stuff at the group meeting today. Not much time left.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stanley cup play offs

OMG. It is 4-4 in the first game between Sharks and Predators. And that means overtime! Or, as I should call it, sudden death since it is the first goal in the forth period of 20 min wins. Yey, this will be interesting. As far as the period has gone, 12 min, it is still 4-4 although Predators have more shots on goal and, with my subjective eyes, look a little more hungry than the Sharks.

The joy of the team names. The two sad things for me so far. One of my faves, and the most original team for my hockey love, Mape Leaves did not make it. The other sad thing, I will not be able to see the Canucks play even on tv since I have peasant cable and down south they will not show hockey if it isn't Nashville or maybe St Louis... (I guess if Predators meets Canucks we will have an opportunity?!) Well, I guess I will have to read transcripts or find a man with expensive cable who will let me watch it. We'll see but I am guessing transcripts will have to do for now.

Back to the last 3 min of the overtime and see what happens. ttfn.