Friday, December 13, 2013


Where has time flown? Almost two months since last post and start of new job, and the least amount of blog posts in a year since I started this blog. I fully intended to revisit the "new job" and what it entails and science career and things like that. Well, I will - just not today but very soon.

I've been very busy and realized that even if I love learning new things, I have problems with the frustration of not "getting it" right away and being perfectly functioning in my new role. Funny enough, I found my old blog post about starting a new job, which also reminded me yet again why blogging is good. It's safe to assume that there is a blog post out there, maybe not written by you but someone else, dealing with just the stuff you are dealing with. Great to know, and great to be reminded yet again. I think my new resolution will be to go back to blogging more regularly, since not only do i miss it but think it is a good practice in writing and sharing.

Until next time, revisit Fat girl with cookie but remember that "that was then, this is now" and it is different now since this time I'm returning to research and publishing (maybe even for me, not quite clear just yet) and the "front end of science", where findings might lead to the clinical trials and new treatments and drugs. Most of all, I'm getting to use all the experience I got in my last job working in the regulated pharma world and combine it with my old research background. Good to feel that all those mice did not die in vain, the dog years did not get spent uselessly and that I can help people make good choices in science for the future. Pretty cool and quite the happy thought for the person who has been known to have a rain cloud over the head like Eeyore every so often.

Here's to next post, hopefully very soon!