Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Handing in my letter

I handed in my letter of resignation a few weeks ago. It is time to move on and do something new. It's been a good couple of years but a few things have happened the last year to which I realised that I don't have to stay and wait for things to change but rather change them myself. That said, I waited and gave it over a year. Then I started looking for new things to do. A very interesting job came up, in an area I sort of have worked in before - but not really - and I can perhaps start getting another certification in the future. This means leaving the bench but not leaving science. I might even get to be on future papers, that's an open door depending on what happens.

So, these last few days at my old job are stressful. I need to finish a lot of my reports, assays and hand off a few crucial pieces that I have been working on. It will be nice to be done. It will be exciting, yet terrifying, to start a new job. I don't deal with change great, but I'm hoping that I will find a new routine soon enough (maybe Christmas?) and get this new gig working fine. Of course, there is always that looming feeling in the back of my head that "you will not make this work" since this job will be far greater people interaction than ever before. (Hello, I'm an introvert.) Not to mention that I am leaving what I've done and trained for the last decade and more (the bench work I've been pretty good at). However, everyone I've met so far are impressed with my people skills, and the references pointed out that I am a very focused and people conscientious person.... (as long as I'm not too stressed and you are not responding to me)... so I'm taking it on a hunch and will try this new thing. Hopefully I didn't get too attracted to the shiny allure of them liking me, but rather that I like the job and them.

I will try to write a little about the journey to get a new job, the leadership class I've taken that have shown me why I think I will be good at this new gig, and how to end on a good note. For now, all I can say is that most everyone at my job have responded with "you gave them 4 weeks? gosh, I would've been out of here within 2 weeks if possible" indicating that I don't only have a sense of "if this new job goes south, I might be able to come back" but also that I don't see the point in leaving on a bad note.

Next stop; new gig.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

some days are dodge-ball like

I thought I would continue with the "inspirational cards" since I am mulling over the next blog posts and for now, these cards are proving to be worth a lot to me. Stressful times at the moment and some words of wisdom can help me... 

stay tuned for more.

(I did post one card tuesday on twitter so why not repost that one here too? Especially suitable this week for me since I'm off Friday. Oh glorious long weekend and a much needed short vacation!)

Monday, October 07, 2013

The things we don't do

It seems fitting for a Monday morning when I am procrastinating writing a few reports, finalizing an assays and having another meeting about all those other things. "The things I don't do" are the things I stress out about, not the things I do. It's fascinating that it always goes in the same circle: nervousness about doing all the stuff, putting all the stuff off, being more nervous, putting the things off even more.... rinse and repeat. Then once I make one thing I feel relaxed, although a little annoyed that it took me that long to remember again that "it's just to bite a chew and do it".

So today I'll bite down and get it done. Go away report I (and maybe II), I will get you done!

(I have a few of these inspirational cards that I found when I was cleaning the house this weekend. Oh yes, procrastinating = clean house. Always a silver lining somewhere.... I'm thinking the cards might be a good segway into blogging a little more regularly, maybe someone else will like them too?)