Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Giving Tuesday - matching donatings

It's "Giving Tuesday" - it's the Tuesday in the American Thanksgiving week.

It means that some donations to charities are matched today, which means more impact than a regular day. It's also a good time to give for the Holidays, the local food bank, the Toys-for-Tots, the Holiday present pantries and other places that focus on giving those who might not have anything something.

I'm listing the charities I usually give to - both today and otherwise, plus great "office gifts". I mean, who doesn't like getting a or "Basket of Hope" or a "Honeybees"? (Heifer).

  • The Gift catalog at Heifer has a lot of different animals, school support and varying amounts of money.
  • Start a monthly micro loan with Kiva .You pick who you loan money to and where they live.
  • Doctors without Border/MSF the ones who stay when everyone leaves, stays closest to the war lines, builds communities and currently, keep giving vaccines to children where others have stopped.
  • More local for me in the South of USA, the MidSouth foodbank who has been working a lot the last 19 months providing children and families with food when schools been closing due to covid19.
  • Another local charity, that helps women with work like bee keeping and making goods with the honey, Thistle&Bee
  • And finally, since the worlds is a scary place and democracy isn't gaining popularity as much as at least I hoped, Amnesty international to send support, put pressure and help people. There's always a support card to send to an imprisoned person or bring attention to a situation that's unacceptable or donate money.

All in all, please feel free to send along other good options where money and attention will help good causes.

Happy Giving Tuesday! Let's make a difference.