Monday, July 23, 2007

Womanly scientist or just a woman, just a scientist?!

Got the question last week and have been thinking about it on and off during the weekend. “Why don’t you look more ‘womanly’ when you are work?” And “Why don’t you say that you are a real woman as much as you repeat ‘I am not the typical woman”.

Well, the last statement is easier to answer than the first. (I just don’t fit the typical woman box, not when it comes to attitude, interests and work. I do like buying shoes but I can’t be bothered with home decorating. I want to work rather than being a stay at home wife. I like talking about politics and philosophy. I do kickboxing for the fighting skills, not the aerobics. I probably should care more about my exterior side when it comes to make up and hair dos…. I definitely talk too much and voice my opinions in discussions about thing. Und so wieter…)

Both of the questions however, move into the field of “Why would I be interested in being viewed as a woman when I am at work?” (Or even always in society). Will I be treated better/differently if I had more so called womanly clothes and appearance (skirts, low cut tops, high heels, make up)? I have a nagging feeling that I am being blocked by some old references from my past in why I would like to be considered a scientist rather than a female scientist almost every day… on the other hand I do value my personal as a woman, but maybe only as you know me as X and then I am also a woman?! I am not just X – the woman, since that would lead to that diminished look as I tend to find when it comes to other women (real ones) who are good looking and sexy but almost never considered having a brain and be respected for that.

I am scared that the old saying “beauty or brains” is true. Like the PSB song ‘Opportunities’ “You’ve got the looks, I’ve got the brains, let’s make lots of money!” But I’ll admit it; I’d love to be wrong. I’d love to be able to be considered smart and good looking etc…

I guess it might be a slight problem that I’m not sure what is considered to be ‘womanly’ if it isn’t sexy. And that is just sad. Is it really that easy? Woman = boobs and good looks and then the “get taken care of by the strong man” is the following thing?

I really need to have this talk with someone. Any suggestions or thoughts will be most appreciated since I do feel a little confused by this all.

Time for primers...

Friday, July 06, 2007

Larry King Live and Dirty Jobs

Tonighht was one of the best Larry King Live shows for a long while. Not only was Dirty Jobs there with Mike Rowe (?) and his two partners in crime but also a "owl throw up catching"guy ith a degree in biology (of course). So splendid. I mean, after all the guy looked like a kind of particular guy and to add on that he is a scientist and therefore probably a bit odd. (Yepp, since I am one myself I would accept the perception that scientist might be a little odd in the terms of being a slightly bit obssessed with what we do.... )

One of the best things apart from that was when they showed the "cow pots". Pots to grow plants in made of cow poo. Wonderful idea. Biodegradable and fertilizing as well. I really hope they sell so many more after the stint on tv. I have to say I thought it was quite good as a "not using plastic pots made by foreign oil".

Well, end of this since I need to go to bed soon. The transformations seem to have worked a little but I am not jumping with joy until I have pcred at least two of the clones and since they refused to grow in the media today I'll redo it all Monday. No, I am not doing it tomorrow since I am back to "in the lab every 12th hour for at least 8 days" starting Tuesday. I need this Saturday off not to go crazy. Where I come from vacation is a good thing to keep one focused and happy. At least some vacation, like sleeping in weekend mornings.

tata for this time.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

courage - proud

This has close to nothing to do with science but I feel happy that this series is translated into English since it has given me so many emotions. Especially this: Courage and refusal

My eyes got a little wet, maybe because I love that silent humbleness with the core of strength and sense of justice. It has a serious discussion waiting to happen though, wht to do with the UN... and in light of the current events in the UK, what to do with the problem of democracy and fighting beliefs that do not necessary care about our [western] view of democracy.

Well, for now I'll be content that the writing is in English and more available for other than Swedish speakers. Furthermore, I'll step out in the summer heat and go to a BBQ, southern style.