Tuesday, July 21, 2015

random views

I've read a lot about the post doc salary discussion (even had a thought to write a blog post but failed in time). Went on vacation a few different times to enjoy the wonders of summer. Thought about work environment in between and work clothes. And then I decided to do a picture cavalcade instead of random rantings. Next time I'll do more cohesive thoughts and rantings ('cos there is a plethora of thoughts in my little head at the moment).

Here goes, from various trips around the US last couple of weeks - I've been busy trying to enjoy vacation times in several "long weekends".

As always, I love and miss the mountains.
View from a mountain top (not the South)
Jalapeno margarita

Sign at the ABC store. I thought it was absurd, but apparently I'm the odd one

Civil war re-enactment - it's the South after all! (they lost the battle, and the war)

Summer reading - revisiting two of my faves