Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hockey update week 9

The points of this week:

I was happy to see that I made some good picks (hello Kadri, Toronto Maple Leafs). Cath took home the victory with the most points for the week.

This made its way into the stats of the overall points...... Mod scientist is in the lead, with SugarScientist right at her heels. Lavaland and Raj are neck to neck on the bronze and Cath and Gerty have moved a little away from the "rest of the group". Maybe mostly interesting (or scary depending on where you were in the group before) is that the (former) bottom group are melding into the middle group with SBCVandy making the devider (not really decided where to go, up or down?).

I'm part of the scared corner since I was in the middle part and now mixed in with Gregg/Beth/Bob and the difference to Bam and GenRepair is small. Everything can still happen!! (I can still be last and the top 4-6 are fairly open. All it takes is two bad weeks for Mod and Sugar and two great weeks from the others and things will change pretty quickly. (Or, as I am scared of - only two bad weeks for me and Bam repeats her great picks and I'm at the bottom..... hmmm.... exciting!)

HAPPY HOCKEY WEEKS that's left! :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Breaking the 45 or the 7? Maybe

I'm having a sneaky suspicion that this week might be the continuing of the "falling down" in the standings for my lovely Leafs team. My saving grace the last couple of weeks have been that they are indeed number 6.... and as seen in this picture the teams in front of them are (apart from the division leaders Pittsburgh and Carolina* respectively) the rest of the their division - Montreal, Boston and Ottawa.

There's always hope that it will be OK of course. Ottawa isn't too far ahead. I keep remembering those AMAZING weeks in January when Leafs ('we'?) won against Montreal and Pittsburgh with numbers (e.g. 6-0, 5-2) that made me wonder how wonderful this season was going to be. Was this the end of the 45th draught? The end of the 7 years "not making it to the play offs". Well, the season isn't over....

My little heart though, has been broken many games in a row now (5 is the current streak) and I'm starting to remember the saying "it hurts to be a Leafs' fan". It sure does. But everything that's worth something is worth suffering a little for too, right? Let's hope my team picks it up! (As I hope I will do in the infamous hockey league of Cath :) )

standings the 19th of March..... still a play off contender. Fingers crossed.

*The points of Carolina, the division leaders are the same as my precious team.... if only that could've been my division.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hockey update week 7

Time for the week 7 update. I might have thought it was HALFTIME but I guess that might be next week seeing that the season is ending last week of April (gasp!).

As for this glouriuos week of 7....
The chart ranks us all by our overall points, but the legend on the side is in the order we got this week.

The winners of the week were Modscientist & Lavaland with 45 points each but I think it's pretty clear that Genrepair and Gregg managed with great things as they collected 43 and 42 points resepctively (see the steep on the last one of them all on the chart - that's Gregg taking a big push to get out of the hole and Genrepair is the green, third from the bottom).

Meanwhile; Bob, Beth, Bam and myself are trying to remember that under 34 points are not going to make for happy things in this league...

Since we are doing stats, and I sort of thought this was half time I'm happy to provide information about "most averge points/week" and the spread of these points over all the weeks for each one of us.

 Average points indicate that there are indeed three groupings..... for now at least.

I love box plots, since they show clear things as distribution and average with the outliers. As is seen clearly, Gerty-Z is taking home the award for "most spread between weeks" (but I'm a happy second placer....). I might have run some anovas to see if I could find some significanly differences..... :)

I think Beth hosts next week - which ends tomorrow since I'm late with this.

As my final note; my team the Leafs might only be 6th in the conference right now, but that is since their whole DIVISION (sans one) is ahead.... I mean, Carolina is ahead on third place ONLY because they are their division leaders, not by points. Top 1,4,5,6 is from the same division.... *cough* I'm just sayin'. I'll save the comments about the new divsions until another post.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

HOCKEY update - Week 6

The Hockey week update has moved to this place for this week and next.

The obvious success story for week 6 is Bam294 that came in third for the week and moved away from the dreaded last spot. Cath and SugarScientist are in the lead of the week with their 56 and 52 points. We mere mortal ones all lulled around 35-44 points, and the two dreaded last ones Beth and Gregg ended up with 25 and 21 points.

As can bee seen on the overall-weeks-so-far picture some have a better trajectory than others.... I'm only hoping not to fall further down from my "forth from the bottom" (as I've been very attentive to break the week 5 slope that was pretty abysmal) and hoping that we can catch Sugarscientist and ModScientist on their leads. Raj Blackhawks might have a happy story if indeed that team is full of Blackhawks seeing that the team is on a 23 wins i.e. ALL wins of all games played this season.... Middle parties are all fairly close and will more likely be determined more based on odd weeks or great weeks.

Happy hunting all of us!

Next week, here, will be HALF TIME REPORT :)