Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I found myself having these 'placeholders' when I was working on a presentation the other week. The slide in the presentation where I knew I wanted (needed) to say something about X but didn't know quite what or how. And then I moved on to the next slide and worked on that one, and next and next...

I've started writing blog posts the last couple of weeks but they've never made it to complete. Only drafts with introduction paragraphs and then a couple of sentences within brackets [need to elaborate] [fate, life, something on path] [mention that comment about career advice] [would it work without bench work?] [career - natural progression stepping into manager role] but not completed and worth reading.

Finding the time and energy to finish them would be great but these last weeks have been full with visitors from out of state (and country). Wonderful, happy times with family and friends, but together with working and trying to juggle some other responsibilities - a little busy. I'm looking forward to a few weeks out when I might take a weekend into the woods and just relax (actually riding my new mountain bike with front suspension through the forrest! So much fun!).

So for now, this is a placeholder for when I can write about some of those things that are rolling around. The maybe change that isn't as much a change but a new angle to something old, a slight turn in the road but still going forward. Exciting new times, new bumps and opportunities - that's what they say :)