Tuesday, September 25, 2007

... aren't there bigger issues?

Every once in a while I find myself asking "aren't there bigger issues?". Often when I see what kind of questions arise before elections or, in this case, in religious matters and when trying to decide which road to choose for the future.

I do understand that it is percieved as a moral issue as well as for many a saving grace, or saving from hell, but still… I don’t always get it. I mean, I would probably understand the attitude more IF we discussed the real, imho, moral issues as well – or even first. What am I thinking about one might ask?

Well, in simple terms, there are more than 12 million poor children in the US. Every day 3000 children die of Malaria in the world (yes, two children every second!). 1.2 billion (a sixth of the population) haven’t got access to pure water. But we are talking/arguing about if two people should be allowed to get a blessing or not. Not how we should try and make this gross inequality right.

Well, I guess this is strange to me since I do not heavily oppose it. (‘It’ being blessings over two people wanting to be open with their love, then again I might not be the most liberal person either.)

It disturbs me though, that it is so easily forgotten that we should take care of our fellow humans, and especially children.

I have tried not to be political (ok, as much anyway) in this blog but today it got to close. Especially after visiting "the north" for a conference last week and realising that indeed there are worse homeless people than down south and maybe, just maybe, it filled me with despair to see all the people with their expensive shopping bags walking past people who clearly did not have neither home nor food/clothes...