Wednesday, February 26, 2020

"Best of" ... and one of my fave posts per year I've done this

Every once in awhile I get a bit surprised. I've kept this blog going for over 13 years.... not as many posts nowadays than when in the most productive times. I think it is a combination of "not as many blogposts as before for people in general" and "not as much time for blog posts as before". I was a little less private before.

It seems as the more people I know in person/with proper names and real life, the less I feel that this venting and writing is appropriate. Guess it is a part of being an introvert, but also a sane conclusion of being older and knowing that nothing on internet is really anonymous.

However, I read some of my older posts and and glad that I was this honest and wrote what I did. There are two of them that show some of the less fun parts of my life, but in context with some other ones, I am happy to read them. While they were written in times of turmoil and unknown life, they managed to capture how I felt, and how I wanted to get out of the feelings.

I thought I would make a list; best of the posts. And then in the end, the "most read posts" - which no surpose, aren't the same ;)

Top 5 - most read
1. Being a failure vs having failed at something
3. Rejection - part of life and grant writing
4. Feedback on resume - tough love
5. The importance of saying Thank you

My own favorites from the years are here (probably too many but there are various categories and it is one for each of the 13 years and one lagniappe*... )

My first of "two of them" - trying being poetic, hoping to be Sylvia Plath or Karin Boye. Of course failing but trying is better than not even giving it a chance.

The Second ot the two. An explanation of being in a less than optimal boat, drifting at sea but not accepting that it should be necessary to leave the boat and hop onto a bigger cruise ship....

Then there are gems (at least to me) where I pucker up and have feelings "of before" and go to work. This would be when I won a great negotiation

And this one why I am conflicted about the whole issue with engagement rings and diamonds a la America

And the best title as a conversation starter.... just not best choice to do at work ;)

Good reminder on what I felt like moving into the job after the post doc

Moving on my career, when handing in a letter of resignation

Six year anniversary of the blog

Again, I'm not a girl, I'm a woman. Or one of the guys. And these posts tell that story.

My thoughts on being friends with coworkers

Interesting posts about how I viewed my job after a few months

My dreams and feminist ideal

Let me know which one, or some other post, you like or that touches you or something I should rewrite/do over! I'd like some feedback.

*one of those lovely words I've picked up in my new life :)