Thursday, April 19, 2012

always a little late...

It seems that this is something that always happens. Every time I have a vacation time coming up there are these "last minute things" that need to be fixed before leaving.... hence, awake late at night and not because I was watching hockey (although I did), nor packing (I sorted through what to pack) but finishing that last work related report and those last results... not to mention that an opportunity reared its head a few days ago and needed response "right now". huh. I'm not sure what that will mean in the long run, but I can not not try so... here goes a little ;)

Time to go to bed and then up in early morning to go exercise. I thought about saying no to that since it is "my optional thing" (aka not work and therefore not mandatory really) but remembered my promise to myself not to dodge work out since it does help me relax and remember that work isn't everything and my time in the gym is important for me and my health...

Here's to "fixing all that really needs fixing"; then - vacation time! woho!

addendum in the morning.

I gave up the gym idea after no falling asleep until it meant I would've gotten 2.5 hours of sleep. I guess I solved all my problems, or at least my head did since it wouldn't turn off.... now, to work and hope to function somewhat on too little sleep. I had really hoped to start my vacation not being exhausted. Ah well, you don't get all you want in the world. Clearly I need some time off though.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Equal pay day = Tax day in the US this year...

This day symbolizes how much more women have to work into 2012 to earn as what men earned total in 2011.... as can be read here

I have my own thoughts on the inequality of pay... and especially the last couple of months it's been very obvious to me that the average US worker has little to no rights. And especially compared to the "socialistic Scandinavia" I grew up in and worked in before. And even if it is sort of "genderless" on the "little to no rights, it's a fact that many positions around here are low wage = women and youngsters, high wage= males.

Alas, I will not go into details (I can tell you though, that back home it's open how much you make, so your co-workers do know... at some private corporations you can't really know, unless you ask IRS for details - and yes, that's completely legal) but it's sometimes very mind boggling here.

On the wage gap though; The National Women's Law Center reports that bridging the gender wage gap would give the average full-time working woman's family the money to pay for an additional 4 months' supply of groceries, 5 months' of childcare, 3 months' rent and utilities, 5 months' health insurance premiums, 4 months' student loan payments, and 5 tanks of gas.

As for me, I'd think I am one of the privileged women who earn fairly "equal" to my male counterparts. That is, until I actually found out what they made. Ha. Guess who was a little bit in the red? (Yes, me.)

Friday, April 13, 2012

alphabet soup and shameless self-promotion

I thought it might be interesting to read something little about the alphabet soup I'm currently trying to meddle my way in.... At the wonderful Lablit site, here is a little piece about the GMP/CAPA/SOP that's currently filling the world :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

funeral and some random thoughts

Well, today was funeral day. As in, I had to leave work to go to a funeral for a friend. Not expected, nor super unexpected, but still unexpected since it was fast. I guess that's what you say when someone is over 50? But still, it ended up a fairly different time for me. I though I was a good Swedish woman, no crying and making a scene unless it's family (which is wasn't obviously since I was here in post-doc city) but I managed to keep it cultural enough until the time when I locked eyes with a close friend of mine, who was a close friend of the one we buried.... and it got to me. Yeah, I'm not a good cryer. It was a mess; red eyes, tears and bad singing with breaking voice (note to self; sing softly and quietly next time).

Going for beers afterwards, since the wake was a dry one, and talking to random people - thanks for them not being the 'usual' "you're not blonde swede" conversation.

And now... hm... writing that report that I need to finish very soon. That report, which has been eluding me since there is a certain aspect of "the sky isn't green however much you want it to be but I guess I'll redefine blue as green to keep you happy".... It's a time when I should remember the saying of "it's not a conversation when one person tells you to do something, it's a directive."

So, in other terms - I need to get this done very soon (two days max) and then in the next week be OK with taking vacation and leave and not check work email while I'm on vacation (yes, it's a hard one for me) and just let time take its course... wish me luck.

Back to the graphs and variance reports. No rest for the people (who grieve or think about loved ones who get ripped away fast and unexpectedly).

And really, it shouldn't be this hard. It's just a lot of thoughts, as always with me ^