Monday, February 09, 2009

Rest, vacation and sun light

It’s funny to realize that I sleep less on my vacation than in real life (so far anyway). I usually end up with a calender sheet filled with “lunches, dinners and get together” when I get “back home”. This time I have tried to exercise some restraint and actually pencil in some “resting time” and just sitting still and read. Although in the back of my head there is a little voice stating “you can always read when you are back in everyday life but you can’t meet these people then”.

Fine, that is true. Therefore I read on the trains, the travel time between people.... and currently I am on a train crossing the country. Outside the window are trees covered in white snow, the ground and all the bushes are covered in the same snow... and the blue sky with the sun makes it seem like it all has been untouched and everything is sleeping. And the long shadows reminds me of the angle of the sun - that creates the type of light that I will always have as “home”. One of the things that makes me happy to realize that I went home in February, although one of the darkest months but it is not November*, although I wondered the other day since it was impossible to see even the house across the street due to fog and dusk and rain. The whole city was like swept in a grey, wet blanket with the occasional gush of damp cold air trickling down your neck.

I furthermore had to giggle the other day, trying to explain what exactly was that “wonderful breakfast” I was longing for.... since “mashed pig’s liver with cream baked in the oven” didn’t really sound too appealing :) [leverpastej] I am sure I could’ve said “pate” or something like that but I just forgot....

Other things I have done so far; walking like there is no tomorrow (need to stack up on the walking through the city and look at people and feel part), forget that I am not 24 years old anymore and being out until 5 am makes me less alert the day after (heh) and it might be needed to use an ipod when you travel on train since people talk LOUD on the cell phones. (It wouldn’t have been that annoying if it had been something interesting but of course it has been very dull and mundane conversations...) And old fashioned dark bread with home made oven baked ham is super tasty!

Soon I will get off the train and go for another walk, in another town, with another person ;) Maybe this vacation I will actually be bored with walking in the cold - although I doubt it.

*the darkest, foggiest, rainiest, most boring month in the whole year... at least in December there will be some time off for winter and Christmas.