Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I've slept with more people than K...

When you find yourself saying things like "I've slept with more people than Kim Kardashian" at work you might realise that it's going to take longer to explain than you previously planned. I.e. it might have been a little too complex a thought to use an analogy with to start with.

Then again, that's apparently how I am every once in a while - defending the right to be a slut and still be a good scientist. Or, since this was my main point of the saying, that speculating into someone's sex life to discredit them and their personality might not be anything I'm interested in doing... and especially not when it's a woman and the US election was coming up and it was all in all too many assumptions linked together without too much evidence. In short, I was simply too tired to hear about women being slutty and that it would indicate that they (we?) are "bad people" unless you are chaste and virtuous.

And sometimes the fastest way to get some people's attention are quick sound bites. Hence the "I've slept with more than her"; where 'her' = "the (slutty) woman with the sex video" and additionally the comment "she wasn't just with one football player, she slept with the whole team" (since we all know that if you do one thing you probably do the other too.... no morals at all, duh.) . I got tired and instead of trying to reason "just because you release a sex video with your footballer boy friend doesn't mean you sleep with his team mates" and the follow up "even if she would've slept with more than one boy friend does that make her a bad person, so how many are you allowed to sleep with before you're a bad woman?" I went straight for the "well, maybe I've slept with that many men. Would that make me a bad person/co-worker/scientist too?".

Not the most clever thing I've done. Nor the worst I guess. But I need to remember yet again to be more "appropriate". Since I was out of line... hm.

I was mainly fed up with the whole "women shouldn't have sex".... and "how many are the acceptable number of partners" (when you're a 35 something year old nevertheless). I blame the election and the climate leading up to it where it was clear to everyone who read the news that women were doing a whole lot of immoral behaviour and that it was in everyone's interest to help stop this. Or at least tell you that if you qauck like a slut, you are a slut and sluts are bad people.

I digress, as usual. I'll end the story by saying that I have no idea if I've had sex with more people than KK. Nor do I really want to know. I really only know that I haven't made a sex tape (the thought of me rolling around naked on video is scaring me more than I can say) but I might have kissed a few frogs along the way of trying to find that prince the fairy tales talked about when I was growing up ;)

Monday, November 05, 2012

changing your (long academic) CV into a snazzy resume (intended for Industry)

I had to look over my Resume yet again lately (OK, rewrite a whole new one is more like it) and realised (yet again) that it is SO hard for me to cut out all these smaller pieces of information in order to fit the resume on one (or maximum of two) pages. I mean, I have issues with Twitter using only 140 character for crying out loud ;) Taking my several pages with everything I've ever done and earned and made into .... 1 page? What is relevant? What is not? (Note to self, think of it as "someone else's life" - much easier. And Kill your Darlings!)

Instead of banging my head against the wall too much (I'm trying this for a different approach) I wonder if my dear readers have something to suggest in terms of "outline" and what on earth to call those smaller subparts where things end up after "education" and "work".
  • Languages (call it languages? is this something I'm just using to show off or would people really care about it? when the job specifics doesn't call for "speaking German or Japanese" is it relevant/good to add anything about languages really?)
  • Extra work (non-for-pay) - Volunteer work? (is it relevant to add? Am I trying too much* here again?)
  • Credits/Certifications/Accreditations for works shops within specific soceities (relevance, yet again. do people want this as it shows of "furthering your education when getting out of uni but into work life?")
Do people list skills under different subsections like: GMP/Bacteria/Viral/Cell culture/Other or is it more common with Laboratory skills/other skills and then list them in different subsections after that?
See, I have seen a lot of resumes and I should know "what works" but it's just hard to sift through my own skills and see "what can I leave out since it is really not relevant for this specific thing you're writing the reusme for". Right now, I'll take any suggestions or helpful hints. Starting to go slightly loopy here on the "how to shorten my life into short paragraphs without seeling myself too short".

Thanks y'all :)

*trying too much = trying to stand out as a stand-outish person.... you know, the one they recognize from the stack. In the end though, I fear that none of this really makes a difference since it's mostly about "who you know anyway" ... but I try here... I try ^^