Friday, July 27, 2012

TGIF - but wait, I have to go to work tmw and Sunday too....

It's been a pretty intense week and I was looking forward to a relaxing summer weekend; watching some Olympic games (like the opening later on tonight) and resting up for another busy week.... alas, it seems like this week will end at work and next week start at work.

I wouldn't have complained about it two years ago, no I was still living in my "post-doc place" with all the odd hours and work days. Now? Well, I guess I've gotten used to resting on at least one weekend day ^^

I'll stop complaining, think about a real blog post to write (I have some fodder but have to choose a little on what and how to write it) and go to the gym. A little pre-Friday relaxing time run hasn't hurt anoyone before, right?

Tata for now! Happy weekend to the rest of you!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

visit to the white room

Today I had to visit the white room* and stay there for about three hours while taking some samples. I'm feeling exhausted now. Three hours are a long time for me to sit and stare at white walls and letting my brain work. The samples got taken though. However, the computer program and I aren't really agreeing on the output data ... so there will be some talking to tech people and emails to write to sort it all out.

I think for me though, the hardest part was to stay focused enough at doing 'nothing' while waiting for the samples to get added into the machines. The white room is one of the cleanrooms, it's painted white (go figure) and while in there you have added clean clothes and face mask, gloves, overalls, head gear etc....And while taking samples you have to be in the room.

One person asked me why I didn't work on one of my reports while "doing the waiting". I stated that would've been wonderful, apart from one caveat... there are no computers in the white room. Nor is there a data port for "external use". And before you ask, no - there is no wireless network since it is in 'that part' of the building. I did bring my kindle my work this morning, and for a second I thought about brining it with me (after wiping it down and putting it into a clean bag for safety regulations) but got sidetracked when I prepared to go into the room and it got left in my bag. Maybe next time? Maybe...

One flip side of this was that in a conversation with 'someone who decides things' I could mention that it was slightly wasteful to let people sit and do little to nothing apart from thinking while waiting for the samples to get collected in sequence. And before you ask, no - it is not possible to let the machine do a sequence without interferring.... based on the method of sampling there has to be a manual adjustment at a specific timed intervall.

The other flip side would be that I now know that it needs to be redone and doublechecked since it's not working right now... Always something, isn't it? When troubleshooting leads to identifying the problem. Now, only getting the company techs to sort out why the machine isn't doing what they thought it would be doing.

Ah the joy of waiting for solutions!

*if only it could have been like the white room in Angel/Matrix/other scifi reference can be added. I would've loved that. As of now, I started wonder what it would feel like being in isolation or in a mental ward.... no sharp objects or contact with the outside.

Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm not a girl

I'm not that picky and think I have a fairly thick skin.  (I've touched on the 'girl' subject before.) However, I am also too much of a feminist I guess? to be really "accepting it". I just don't like being called/referred to as "one of the girls" at work. In a work situation. From someone who is "in charge". Talking about the "underlings".

Sorry. But no.

I could get into it with the whole feministic spiel about "girls are females who are not adults with a sexuality and therefore considered to be 'less of a threat' to men, whereas a woman implies more forceful wills and sexuality and an equal to a man". Or simply said "girls are young women, whereas males are referred to as 'men' and not boys; 'men and girls' would be inconsistent". As I said, I won't get into it.

I'm just sayin' that I have no problem being "one of the guys" (guys being one of those words I use in general with direction to both female and male friends), "a person", "a team member", "a scientist", "research tech" or maybe even "a PhD/doctor" but I do have, at my current age (not over 50 since I checked around and many women over 50 seemed to be ok with being referred to as younger), a huge problem being referred to as a "girl" in the workplace.

And yes, it might have to do with the fact that many of the 'girls' referring is usually someone 'they' (the people saying it) thinks being slightly (hm) beneath them.

Sure enough, I might just not have any sense of humour. Or being thin-skinned and oversensitive. Or it's just all about that I am a feminist which sort of explains the latter two sentences, right?

Thank god for it being Friday and wine.... Maybe I can become a better* person over the weekend?

*"get with the program and not care

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

If only the assay had this correlation…

Maybe one of these things I end up with, my fascination with histograms, data and conclusion to draw from it. This is my electricity bill, with correlation to the heat/cold temperatures the last year.
Apart from the obvious waste that my place is heated/cooled with the help of electricity and not with hot water radiators as I grew up with (and no AC), I do find it charming that I can see a correlation between outdoors and indoors and my electricity use. (I wonder a little of impact of the washing machine/dryer use since in the warm weather I do end up with going through way more clothes since I have this scare about being smelly and stinky due to sweat etc… Then of course, I have never gotten used to washing unless I have a full machine so maybe not as much of a problem? Plus the fact that I still “hang dry” most of my clothes and therefore not use the dryer as much. Oh the questions I can think up when I am fleeing taking a break from the latest report writing….)

I guess I can also draw the conclusion that my home is not as insulated as it should be since it’s clearly very affected of the temperature outside. Leaky heat outside in the cold season and leaky cold air toi the ouside heat in the summer... and heat finding its way inside all these days... Granted, the coldest temperature was -17C and the hottest +38C (without heat index and in the shade… in the sun with heat index we’re talking more than +45C). Still though, if it was my house* I’d do double (or triple) glass in the windows, increase the insulation around said windows and maybe invest in some solar panels on the roof since boy, they would be able to collect some sun there.

On another note, I did get a rejection letter in a very decent time frame from the position postings so I can stop wondering how badly I fit the mould… ^^

I have a hope to be able to write something more interesting and thoughtful in regards to working environment and group management but for now I would like to leave you with this tidbit.

If you are applying for a job that requires a Bachelor degree but also mentions that a Masters degree is preferred… Would you really think lying about a Masters would be better for you, since you actually have a Bachelors degree? If you wonder, nope! You do get moved to the bottom of the pile though, since “if you are fudging on that thing, how would I believe you in the lab not fudging some other things??” Sometimes this whole job application process makes me wonder even more on why my truthful, good friends aren’t finding a job since clearly there are many people ‘fudging’ their resumes/job experience etc….

*If I thought I would be a)staying in it for a longer time (but why buy a house otherwise?) b)own an apartment complex and save some money (although, that would save money for the tenants, not me as an owner) c)just saving the world, one place at a time…..