Friday, August 29, 2008

The strangest election in history?

I am dumbstruck. I have gotten something right. I said a long time ago that maybe McCain would pick Palin, that’d be cool. And now he did it.


I mean, wow.

This is cool and completely strange. First Obama vs HRC. Then McCain vs Huckabee. Now Obama vs. McCain. And Biden vs Palin.

Sweeet, it’s a first for so many things. The oldest, the youngest (VP, don’t know about the youngest Presidential candidate – wasn’t JFK younger?), the first African-American, the first female runner up as presidential candidate, the first republican female VP, the first Alaskan, the….well, you get it?!

And the thing I am currently musing about? All the “conservatives” (as in historically keeping it all intact and the same as its always been) who will have to choose from a lot of strange things. Either:

The young [A-A] senator who wants change together with the older white guy who’s been in Washington for ages and ages.


The oldest presidential candidate with a history of going his own way and not toting the rightwing path with the youngest VP candidate from Alaska who happens to be a mother of five.

Yeah, this media coverage will be interesting. If not crazy it will still be strange.

I feel a bit like when I stayed up all night to watch [part of] the Wall come down in Berlin in 1989. Something might be on the way to change?!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thanks for this! :)

I am long overdue with my posting but I want to post this first. My little (gloomy) heart is warmed and happy about the two links for this, from RESEARCHERS (Dr J and Dr A) and MicrobiologistXX.

It made my day, and frankly quite a good week too. It feels very fun to know that someone reads what I blog here and soon I think it will be more of the science and thoughts and less of the venting (“some of the stuff I don’t like about the lab I’m in”).

And I know that you’re supposed to tag 7 new ones, but all blogs I read has already gotten at least one of these … unless they’re in Swedish which, by obvious reasons, aren’t open to a wider audience.

Tata for now, it’s ELISA time. There is that entry about the elephant in the [science] corner that I promised, as well as a new entry about my [thoughts about my] future. They are on their way… soon…

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Seducing boys club

Read about this book today (at YFS and CandidEngineer) and laughed when I realized that it was exactly what I have been prepping for this week. The interested reader would ask; “for what?” and I would look at the wardrobe that I have been enticing for the last couple of days….. low cut tops. Not _that_ low cut, just much more ‘feminine’ than I usually wear in lab.

Why? Well, I have realized that my dear PI and I need to have a chat. You know, like an open one to one conversation about my research and “where this is going”. And maybe more than anything “when is my contract really up and when do you want me out?”.

I’ve been a very nice girl to this point. (Yes, this can be read as “a very meek little scared girl not wanting to upset her bossyboss”) However, I think this would be called “passed the point of what I can deal with” and then comes the action. Or at least the “demands” and not playing the nice post doc but rather admitting that this post doc knows that she has a value and that her VIP PI* would actually need to keep her for awhile since he doesn’t have anyone else who can do the interesting study now... or the post doc can just leave since really- there are limits to what one can put up with.

Of course, this might be a lot of hot air, “a lot of smack” as one can say in this American accent over here …. Then again, I am starting to recognize myself** somewhere in this mess. Due to things I won’t go into my personality has been slightly shoved under a rock for a good period of my time here in the lab, but lately there has been a break through. Something has snapped and is peeking through stating “don’t you remember, you don’t take this but rather DEAL with morons like that quickly before the festering starts”. It feels great, and I just hope that I can catch him in the lab tomorrow since I don't want to wait around for yet another week.

So, I’ve been traipsing around my work place in order to see if I can have a little talk with my boss…. Hopefully I can manage that tomorrow, because if nothing else – I’m getting scared of ruining my nice clothes in lab (no, not wearing much lab coats….) And if nothing else, if it all goes to shit*** I guess I'll deal with that too. I just want to see some of my experiments through but really, I think that the chance of this last alternative happening is kind of slim... he has been dropping hints pointing the other way the last couple of days.

Now I'll leave the lab though. Have to pick out the outfit for tomorrow. Dressed for success, as the say in every movie ;)

*just had to make that abbreviation since that is the hothotair in the air ballon…

**myself = as I was a few years back in a good environment where my personality could and was encouraged to show through.

*** "you have to leave in three weeks, sorry nothing I can do about it.