Sunday, January 08, 2012

The old year is over - Happy New Year!

A little late, as one could think it would be with a fairly busy time between Jul (Christmas) and visiting friends and family... I guess a short re-cap of 2011 in words of myself and the blog posts I wrote... And a little thought and dream about what 2012 will bring.

January: The Editorial in BMJ tells it all (I'm referring to the autism-vaccine-Wakefield story)

FebruaryI found out a while back that the mother of one of my friends was released from the hospital since "there was nothing more they could do, the chemo didn't work"

MarchIt’s always interesting to me that I might be one of those patients.

April: "Predicting one's chances of developing a genetic condition, is like finding a penny in the ocean." To quote Dr Reed, the prodigy doctor in the TV series Criminal Minds.

MayI've been thinking a bit about reconciliation

JuneI think Lava will beat me in the last and final round.... (in regards to hockey and the Stanley Cup)

Julysunset during one of those lovely weekends away from the city.... :)

August: One of the major things I talked about during my mentoring session at The Big Conference (TBC) where they had asked me to participate in their mentoring program as a mentor* turned out to be small talk. 

September:  things that happen in vegas... ...stay in Vegas... maybe the same in other places? (aka "across the ocean in far-away-country") :)

OctoberI was the one who said the strange words a while back... "so, we're doing this study starting then and there. Oh, I guess there will be no Thanksgiving holiday then."

November: Imagine a weekday evening, "little Saturday", and you meet up with a friend for a drink

DecemberIt's that thing about secrets. You all of a sudden get them, from someone else - or you make something that you want to keep a secret - and then they tend to haunt you.

Looking at the entries I guess I need to write more about science and less about my "feelings"? It's been a little harder to do that considering that I'm now behind a slight wall of "industry science" but I'm sure I can write things about science in general and less "venting about the difficulties and challenges I meet at work", if I just focus a little more.

As for my dreams and hopes for 2012, I have a few. Mainly to continue getting in shape, last year I ended up about 30 pounds lighter than 15 months earlier, and I'm hoping this year to reach that famous "BMI is well within normal range for a woman your age" or as I like to think of it "run 10 km in less than 60 mins" and "fit into size 8/10 and feel comfortable in a bikini" (maybe not as great as a goal, but it's achievable for me). I will also try and get to work earlier in the day, and work out at least 1 morning a week. And continue to stay happy and content with life - since I've felt great in that department this fall with all the regular work outs, social time with friends, some social/community work and work achievements* (and some alone time of course).

All in all, I'll see where I end up but as for now - it's with good hope and energy I'm starting out with 2012! Happy New Year!

*I got a stunning review and a pay increase and some thoughts about future, which made me proud and happy. Now, I just have to see if it pans out as 'promised' or 'planned' in a few months... fingers crossed.


Alyssa said...

Sounds like you had a great year! Congratulations on the review and raise! I always find the "venting about the difficulties and challenges I meet at work" posts interesting :)

chall said...

Alyssa> Thank you! It's nice to know that someone likes the venting posts. I have a feeling that they might be fairly universal and general really ;)

The bean-mom said...

Happy New Year! My congrats too on your review and raise! And there's nothing wrong with feelings and venting posts...

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Happy belated new year - I'm still catching up on blog posts etc. It sounds like you had an amazing year - congratulations on all fronts! I hope 2012 is awesome for you and yours too :)

p.s. is it still possible for you to do the hockey pool update? I forgot to remind you - sorry - so it will either be a wee bit late OR a two-week update after Friday's games :)

chall said...

BeanMom: thanks! good to know some ppl like those venting things ;)

FrauTech> thanks, I'll look into that, 15 friends...

Cath> eh, I forgot! I can do update. It will most likely be a two wee3k thingy *sheepish smile*