Wednesday, October 05, 2011

it's soon holidays... right?

I was the one who said the strange words a while back... "so, we're doing this study starting then and there. Oh, I guess there will be no Thanksgiving holiday then." It was an obvious statement based on the schedule in front of me - alas without dates but days spelled out in order.

And the next meeting was about these things "that needed to be done yesterday but we sort of didn't think about it until tomorrow".... Sound familiar to anyone?

I don't write grants but my deadlines seem to correspond right now with other people's crazy time. I sort of looked forward to Thanksgiving (American), since it would mean 4 days off in a row (wow!). Especially since Christmas break this year was looking like 2-day weekend, as usual. But now, well - I dunno.... I guess I'll see what kind of holidays I will end up having.... There are some important deadlines that just have to stick. And it's for a good thing so...  Really, I shouldn't care too much since I had a few/several years without either holiday off - but that was as a post-doc... I didn't really expect anything else, and I could plan my own schedule actively. Now, it's more of a reactive thing, and maybe that is the root of my frustration in reality?!?!

I can ponder all of that and then some more once I finish these things on my list to do. Right now though, it's analysis time! Start chugging away on those bullet points on the to -do-lists.

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Nina said...

As European/Kiwi I think the US holiday system is CRAZY! If you work Thanksgiving you should be able to take off those days at a later point! And a (few) year(s) without a holiday ... I would not be willing to put that in. Maybe I'm just lazy?