Thursday, October 27, 2011

Planning is something I love (or rather love following plans, or need to?)

I love planning. I love making lists. And then, of course, I love crossing off the things I've done on that list. And to get a feeling that all of the stuff is acomplished.

Some people have told me, or asked me, if I sometimes add non-important things on the list in order to be able to "cross at least something off". My usual answer is no. I usually only make lists with the important* things. And then I like the time line.... (like project manager-like programs I guess)

Those lists save me a lot of time. I write the different projects I am involved in, I make some notes about What is wanted; What is needed in order to make it etc.... I finish my week (or day) with making a note of what I should do first thing in the morning, so I don't have to think about it when I get in the next morning.

And then my life is organised and I guess I feel a little in control. (<- key word there)

Lately, I've been feeling a little drained when the day is ending, my head has throbbed and I have felt out of whack. It dawned on my yesterday, after ending in a grumpy tirade to someone who really wasn't to blame for anything and I realised that I had no idea why I was going on on him. flash! The last couple of weeks (months?) has been very up in the air aka "new prioritizings on projects" on a almost weekly (or sometimes even day to day) basis.

Yeah, a little too much change... At least not in combination with "you need this done by week 3, this is prio1" that changes into "no, you need ThisBthing done by week 2"... and back again... and so on... And especially not if my life outside work is unplanned or changing on a day to day basis as well. I like my routines in one of these places... Work outs that day and this day, meeting friends there and there, plans followed through... Planned dinner and lunches and not "take out food which makes me stressed about not being in the gym as much".

The good thing with my grumpyness? That I have realised that my lists and plannings have been very eye opening for certain people and that maybe I can embark on something "new"... maybe. All of course, considering if I can survive these next couple of months which now seem to be "insanely packed with very important things that need to be finished by Xdate." I'm having a manical smile and looking at the lists I have already compiled - ready to go out to the people affected so they can add some of their stuff, as well as check some off - so we'll be ready to start steam rolling through the bullet points and achieve some results.

Yes, I might need to rename list maker to Organizer (just like my girl friends referred me as when talking about my "job" as wedding coordinator brides maid ;)) after all, it does sound much better than "she's the Bossy one" ^^

*important = things I need to do but not "eat lunch", "make coffee" but more "grocery shopping" or more likely "prep Assay A - solutions to make A, B C; buy powder B, check machine for time, fix form for final result"

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