Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hockey pool Week 4 (WOHO for me!)

Well, to be modest and all (well, not really) I was the best person to post the update from week 4 since I got the most points this week :) Lavaland is still the overall leader, followed by Bob and Ricardipus... but I got a whopping 50 points this week mostly due to the Finnish goalie star of the Predators: Pekka Rinne! (as a side note, almost as much as the first 3 weeks together... hmm... ^^)

Anyway, to go back to review mode. Most people this week got 30-37 points, a close range, even if the overall board has spread out... We're still hunting for the first three spots though, right!?!

(as for the ugly pic, yes - I still haven't figured out Numbers that well....)

Tonight, I'm hoping the Leafs will repeat their lovely performance in NY earlier this week when they WON! It's looking like a great start of the season for a Toronto fan (pride before fall and all... ;) ) )


Cath@VWXYNot? said...

That was a great week for you!

I would have done better if it wasn't for f*&%ing Philly. I chose lots of their players because they were the only team playing four games last week, and then they went and sucked.

Getting 2 points out of the 9-8 Jets-Flyers game, despite having 4 players in the game, was definitely the low point of the week...

Richard Wintle said...

Thanks for the update. I did ok but Lavaland smoked me with her goalies' performances (one of them got 7 points... how is that possible?). Mine, predictably, stunk the joint up.

Onwards... lots of Canadian team players picked this week. Could be a disaster... ;)

ScientistMother said...

i'm definitely blowing at the pool this year. Srsly, what is UP with Lavaland, does she do nothing but analysis hockey stats all day long?

chall said...

R: I got 10 points from my goalie ;) but sure enough, that was the double points thingy :)