Friday, March 23, 2012

The Leafs are green.... and on the way up (hm, how about that hockey...)

Well not really, they're blue and they are falling*... They have broken my heart yet another season. They are falling and fast decending in thier conference. I can not even say I'll be surprised if they fall to the last plae and kick Canadiens out of there (even if they've been there solid for a long time).

What Is making me happy though, is not my other teams that I cheat with (only two, Canucks and the Sweidsh team Red Wings) but this table that I'm posting here. These are the Swedes in the NHL. A whopping 48 of them (remember, there are only like 9 million in total so it's pretty good in my book). And the best one right now? Is a 21 year old who is looking very impressive and will hopefully have an awesome time and career, Erik Karlsson. Living and playing in Ottawa, which I guess is partly why my Leafs are worse for wear since they share the division. Then again, I'm a sucker for Canada when it comes to the play offs. And I've been told I'm a bit of a mushy one for "teams that haven't been good for a while to make it to the play offs" - Although, that's pretty obvious since I love the Leafs... and they haven't been there in a while. And right now, Vancouver is looking fairly alone in the Canada vs US game, unless Winnipeg Jets (another one of these 'new/old' teams) makes it, still hope there!

So, Ottawa might make it - I need to step it up and watch those games. St Louis ! is making it to the play offs too, and in the lead in their conference, ahead of Vancouver and Detroit... all in all, I guess I'm happy as long as:
  • Ducks don't make an apperance (not looking likely)
  • if Leafs not end up dead last in their conference (jury's out on that right now)
  • Blackhawks get a 'little' penalty for an elbow in the face of someone who wasn't even close to the puck (I'm looking at you Kevin!), especially since it looked like concussion....
  • I get to sleep this weekend and not see work even a smidge! And get to work out a little of the frustrations... it's been a long month so far....
Here is the table; for all the fellow geeks :)

*the Toronto Maple Leafs - NHL - sports - hockey!!!


chall said...

second hope is still alive after this friday game; Leafs won against Devils. Always something. I take what little I can get, so sue me ;)

chall said...
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