Tuesday, September 25, 2012

stress-related frustration

It's very clear to me, it's crunch time. Like for many people I'm sure (hello grant writers!). There are some HUGE deadlines looming close in the future. Hard deadlines. Not the "oh I can be a little late and sneak in and take a 10% deduction on the points on the exam". No. The type of "you hand it over at date X time Y or not at all"... which is "not an option" by the way, in case you wondered. Neither is "handing in sub-par stuff".... which means that you have to increase the time and/or cost (The project triangle - quality/time/cost - if one decreases, the other two need to increase in order for the Project (area inside the triangle) to be the same. Problem arises when the quality is fixed, and so is the time... Fun times.)

My main concern with all of this right now? "The other people involved". Ah well, better get right to it and stop feeling frustrating about the road blocks thrown up by others, the snafus that keep turning up, since the time spent on fretting about it is taking away from what I should do effieciently and quick. And most of all, stop thinking that it would be easier if I just did it all myself since that will not happen! This is team work, and I need to stop working over time as much as I have lately. Guess I need to remind myself of that especially since I'm not that the only one who can do this [enter slightly cynical snicker since so far, there are some who have no problem going home "when clock strikes X" and leave work for next day... "surely someone will pick up after them/no my problem/it's there tomorrow too" I call it, The joys of group/team work.]

Thank goodness I was at the gym early this morning and worked out. Endorphines are kicking in, adrenaline got out, and tomorrow I will be too sore to worry about anything but trying to walk ;)

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