Friday, August 19, 2011

The Last Circus

Every once in awhile you see that movie preview that make you go "That's a movie I' really want to see" and you get your hopes up. Then (as I've realised way too many times in post doc city) I come to realise that the movie will not be shown at the local movie theater... It's most common with independent movies and, since I'm in a slightly not the biggest city of the southern US, European movies (unless if they're British/UK).

I saw Beautiful over Christmas, back in Europe, and the preview of "The Last Circus" (really "The sad trumpet" - Balada triste de trompeta) makes me wonder if it will be as devastatingly sad (yet good) as that one? I might have some prejudice against Spanish movies, which imho seem to have a hefty dose of 'realism' or depressing feelings, as with other independent movies and from Sweden, France and some Scottish and British movies. (I'm leaving Fassbinder - German - altogether outside of this, but if you are in mood for some serious movies; The Decalogue is good.)

But back to the movie in question... It seems to have love, sad romance, war, friendship, family and - maybe mostly my "don't look but still I do" nightmare food - Clowns. Yes, the main characters are clowns in a circus. Good food for nightmares in my book. However, the preview show a clown with a machine gun going slightly crazy... apparently that catches my eye?

Not sure if my fear (apprehension) is based on It (Stephen King) or simply because they have a painted face which makes it impossible to know who is really behind the makeup mask? That usually a good way to get me thinking bad things (yes, Jason I'm thinking about you and the old time hockey mask).

I guess I will try and watch it in Europe when I go there soon... although I fear it has already been shown and stopped at the movies there. Maybe only dvd/streaming will be my alternative?

Anyone out there who has seen the movie and have some thoughts?

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Anthea said...

No, I've not seen the movie yet. I also suspect that its one of those films that just won't be shown in this town. Grrr! But to be honest I've been so swamped with work that I've not had time to even catch any old Hollywood film even if I wanted.