Sunday, May 11, 2014


This American Mother's day is a very good reminder for me that jealousy is something I really have to work on every day. It's easy to get engulfed in "oh they* have it all**, why can't I have that too***". And those thoughts really don't lead anywhere good.

Not to mention that it usually (at least for me) leads to forgetting all the things I do have and what I'm grateful for.

To be honest, I'm struggling sometimes****. Sometimes it's all I can do but wonder why a few things in my life points me to the sneaky suspision that I made a huge mistake a few turns back. Then I remember that it's not going to be helpful at all to keep looking back.

Only good thing with looking back is if you take the lesson and move forward and avoid making the wrong decision next time.

Simple to say. Hard to do.

But for now, I feel good for not missing a beat and being happy with one of my friends when she told me she is pregnant. She is happy, I'm happy she's happy. All better.

It's just a reminder to read about the dog who wanted the bone that the other dog had, therefore open his jaws to get it - thus ending up with nothing. Losing the bone into the lake since it was a mirror reflection of himself.
Ergo, focusing too much on what others have make you lose the things you do have. You can't blame a dog for not knowing, but I can't claim that ignorance.

*they=people I read about, interact with, work with, anyone who posts on facebook and twitter (seeing a trend here...)
all=things I get caught up with thinking I want too, what others want, what I might want
too=extra things and wants that clouds me realizing what I do have, what I don't want to miss out on, what I don't want to lose
****sometimes=more often than I want

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Anonymous said...

Please, don't bother... You really cannot have it all (and I and maybe anyone). I am in "they" category but I did not even notice Mothers day, as my kids and nobody else gave me greetings (except only one friend via email which I read a day later).Got tiny bit jealous to FB posts of other Moms but forgot in 10 minutes. It's a symbol but not a real value - mothers day. If you want get what you don't have, just work on it sacrificing something that you have now and it will definitely happen. Please don't feel that you are not completely "right" or as a loser of some sort of a game. It really is not like this and current generation has a trend of getting later and later if at all unless they work hard on something... Cheers! PS I know the post is more than a month old but just in case wanted to leave a comment.