Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Bradbury is dead, long live the books

I had some ideas about posting a little more regulary but then I got side tracked... andthen today I read in the paper that Ray Bradbury is dead. If you haven't read him, go read. There are lots of books to choose from, some are great some are good and some might even be mediocre.... but most of them are very good (imho). There are some novellas that always keep me happy when I pick them up.

Of course, he might be most famous for "Farenheit 451", "Dandelion Wine" and "the Martian Chronocles". An interview from a few years back can be found here. For the inerested, the Dark Carnival is painting he did in 1948 and then in 2009 it was made the cover of a collection of a number of novellas.

As a side note, I'm currently wondering if I might have gotten migrane.... I've never had it but yesterday I lost my vision, it became blurry with white and black specks all over one eye, moving to both. After resting and not doing anything for several hours the splitting head ache started... I managed to go to bed and sleep, woke up with head ache but it felt managable. Until I sneezed and then though - for real - that my head was going to split open and/or fall off. Very weird. I wonder if it is prolonged stress and some other issues that collaborate to make migrane appear? Or, I'm just making a hen out of a feather? Little nervous since the vision thing made me weary...ah well, at least I can see well enough now to type... always something ^^


starbellysneetch said...

I'm planning to re-read some of his books this summer.

Every once in a way I get this type of migrane with vision distortion. It can be quite scary since the vision problems start well before the headache making you wonder what's going on. I take Advil at the first sign of vision problems and that helps reduce the migrane if not prevent it.

starbellysneetch said...

Hope you are better now.

chall said...

Dr Sneetch: I reread one this weekend, didn't remember details when I picked up the book but it was so good :) I like that they might be written pre-80ies but the seem time-less.

Thanks for the ressurance about the heachache/vision issue. I've been sternly told to go to the doctor (which I don't like) and have made an appointment with eye doctor to double check pressure in the eye.... I'm hoping for "one time = not happened" and not "two times= habit" ^^

EarlyToBed said...

Hi Chall--
I get occasional migraines with lots of fascinating visual and neurological disturbances. You should definitely see your Dr.
Even if it's "just" a migraine there are some effective treatments even if the migraines are only occasional.

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

I've had a grand total of one migraine in my life so far, and it was purely visual - no pain at all. This freaked me out much more than similar visual disturbances with pain would have done, because I'd never heard of such a thing and almost went straight to Emergency. Luckily I thought to get my husband to look it up and he reassured me that I was OK. Besides, it lasted maybe half an hour and then was totally gone with no after-effects at all - I felt completely normal. A detached retina was the other possible cause, but I saw my optometrist a couple of days later and she said I was fine.

That was, what, about three years ago - apparently most people who get one only get one. So I haven't followed up - although I will if it happens again.