Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Planned Parenthood = terroristorganisation.... in Texas... according to Judge and others...

You know, there are things that make me really really angry. And very upset and actually sort of make me consider the first amendment, and the second one too for that matters....  And why I would have to say one HUGE reason I didn't apply for the job in Texas that came up a while back since, well let's be honest, I wouldn't be able to live there. (Granted, the state I live in now has done a fair share of following Texas and making some headlines themselves.... so I'm not grandstanding too much. Not to mention that I am certain that the future will not have me living here forever too much longer .)

In short, the argument that Planned Parenthood (the clinics that are involved in the State's Women's Health Program, i.e. 8 in Texas) is comparable to "First Amendment does not prohibit application of federal material-support statute to individuals who give money to 'humanitarian' activities performed by terrorist organizations". The humanitarian actions would be the 'breast cancer screenings, pap smears, STD testing and birth control'. It gets even better though.

NONE of the PP clinics in Texas, the eight I mentioned, are performing abortions.

Wonderful. Now... these people DO understand that when women die, fall out of work from disease, spread disease to men who sleep with them (who might go to sleep with their wives too... in certain cases I'm sure) there will be an effect on society, right? [Or maybe this will only 'cleanse' society from the less desirable.....]

Or are we all just doomed to hell and therefore really, it's not as bad as if these services were provided?

Sometimes I wonder why the Bible I read isn't what 'they' read. And that my view of 'republican' and 'keeping the government out of my personal life' is so very different from these 'protectors of life and privacy'. But I forgot, I am just a mere woman. I really need to leave all this thinking to the men who govern and in certain cases wear black robes and have a gavel...


Barefoot Doctoral said...

Didn't you know? God punishes female sinners by giving them diseases like cancer and STD's. So really, there's no reason to help those women. Its against God's will. And therefore, it must serve the terrorists. ... Or something.

chall said...

BD: yes, exactly. Let's forget the whole "love thy neighbour" and "leave the judging to God". I mean, it's so much more fun to punish people(women) than to be a softie .... right?

THat whole "pride before fall" is looming in the back