Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Superbowl winner is?! or NFL challenge continues....

After PLS’s excellent hosting of the NFL challenge that is over for all but for two of us who started.... and I am not one of them. So, how about a new little quick challenge for us?!

Out of all the teams in the play off, pick the overall winner of the Superbowl as well as the runner up. If that is not all, if you want to pick more teams, pick the winners of each game up to the Superbowl!

So, here are the teams:


1. Colts

2. Chargers

3. Patriots

4. Bengals

5. Jets

6. Ravens


1. Saints

2. Vikings

3. Cowboys

4. Cardinals

5. Packers

6. Eagles

(My crude photo was wrong.... since I forgot the first rule of them all, it's easier to be the high seed. So, winner between 4/5 and 3/6 will meet the opposite 1/2. The lowest seed will meet 2 and the higher seed will meet 1, since this gives the number 1 a better chance of winning.... hope this is clear? )

Email dreamsandhope1@yahoo.com or put it in the comments and I will make a little spread sheet or histogram or however it is easiest to report it all :)

Woho, another betting alternative!


Professor in Training said...

This is going to completely suck for me as I went through the entire season without actually paying attention to which team was which and how each was doing!

Prof-like Substance said...

I'll try and get my picks to you shortly.

Alyssa said...

I'll send my picks to you today at some point!

chall said...

PiT; now you are assuming that knowing things about the teams make it better :)

PLS: woho!

Alyssa: yey!

So if nothing else, we are 4 people :) (plus the two th winners, who we will know after they send their picks to PLS)